Dr. Michael Harrison founded The Kids ‘n’ Moms Foundation in 1993 to support the work of the UCSF Fetal Treatment Center. He pioneered the science of fetal surgery and mentored the next generation of fetal surgeons.

Dr. Harrison and the UCSF Fetal Treatment Center are doing some of the most advanced work in the world in evaluating and treating disorders before birth, preserving a child’s chance to grow and develop normally.

For more information about The Kids 'n' Moms Foundation, please email us.

Please visit the UCSF Fetal Treatment Center's web site to learn more about the services they provide.

To promote the diagnosis and treatment of birth defects through research, public awareness and education.

To provide treatment and housing for mothers and their families, whose unborn babies are undergoing treatment for birth defects.

To provide housing for families of children who are undergoing treatment for birth defects.

To engage in any other activities related to or in furtherance of the general purposes of the corporation.

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